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Westernhagen's "Hottentotten Musik"



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The studio. The label. The concept. The awesomeness.


Bashville is a state of mind. A place where music is made, imagination is nurtured, and souls are set free to fly. 

Just kidding.

No, seriously. Bashville is my recording room where I record myself and everybody who comes to work with me, including you, reading this right now. Yes, you! Bashville is also the name of my own record label through which I release my albums.

You and Bashville, perfect together. Come to Bashville. This is Bashville country. Wouldn’t you really rather have a Bashville?

I feel an advertisement for myself coming on, trying to describe what Bashville could do for you. An awkward yet not unpleasant feeling. Please check the discography if you want to see what we can offer here, especially in the production and mixing department. Go listen to some of those albums! I’ve gotten to do some good mixes for people recently. Check out “The Means”, available now at CD Baby! And please read the "About Me" section if you want the real lowdown skeleton-key stuff.

Bashville is for lovers. 

Better yet, if you’re looking for a producer, mixer, or someone to talk to over a cup of coffee, write me here. I got the necessary gear, as long as the power stays on, we can make beautiful music together.