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Westernhagen's "Hottentotten Musik"



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Most recent releases! The great live album "Hottentotten Musik" from M. M. Westernhagen's sellout tour in 2010. You read the book, see the movie! Also, from South Africa comes the album by Isochronous titled "Inscape", which I mixed. Isochronous opened up for Marius on the tour and killed every night!




The mighty Marius-Müller Westernhagen. Our latest studio effort 'Williamsburg' produced by Marius and myself. Currently Gold record status in Deutschland. Chez Marius--





Eric Crugnale "Carol Was Here". Eric's a power pop purveyor at the pinnacle of his powers. Plenty platitudes of praise have poured upon this priceless LP, a prolific peon to past and present particular parlayers of premium radio-playable programming.  Others pale in comparison.   Very palatable! I produced! We're very proud! Point here to peruse his place!




Andrew Fortier--Andy's the best. I played on his album for Chrysalis 'Early Midlife Crisis' and produced the recent 'Restoration', 'Upside Down Sky' and "Your Smile Convinced The World". Here's his site.



 One Life Many Voices (One Life To Live Cast Members Katrina Benefit CD) --co-wrote #1 "You Stand For Me" with Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline). Co-produced #13 "Valentine" for Kristen Alderson (Starr).  


 Tina Shafer --'Promises to Eve' produced by Kevin Bents. Click here for reviews and more info. Tina runs the New York Songwriter's Circle




Rich Pagano and the Sugarcane Cups--Rich and his cast of 1000 New York Heavies band together to bring you possibly the best album of all time. I helped. Go here.



Gene Dante and the Future Starlets--these Boston area rockers did a lot of OD work at Bashville. I got to record Gene, play keys, guitar, and sing BG's. Both audacious and bodacious, which you don't see much anymore. Their site.



Ellen Woloshin--'Water Into Wine'. A feat this album actually achieves. It's a miracle. Go here.





Renée Goldsberry--'Beautiful'. I had copious amounts of fun making this with Renée, star of stage and screen. Here's her site.





Eva--'Imported' (Warner-Germany/Kik) produced by Kevin Bents. Here is a nice review in .pdf form. It's in German, but you can get the drift that they liked it. Also 'Bittersweet', her latest.




Marius-Müller Westernhagen--'In Den Wahnsinn' (Hallelujah/Warner-Germany) produced by Kevin Bents and Marius. Platinum sales in Germany. Click here for his website.




Marius-Müller Westernhagen--'Es Ist An Der Zeit'. The first single from the album.



Marius-Müller Westernhagen--'Boeser Engel'. The second single from the album.





Jenny Bruce--'Soul On Fire' (Goodgirl) produced by Kevin Bents. Click here for reviews and more info.




Everett Bradley--'As Ever It Is' (Big Black Booty Records) produced by Kevin Bents. Click here to go to EvWorld.




Tina Shafer--'The Backyard Sky' produced by Kevin Bents. Click here for reviews and more info.





Deanna Kirk--2 albums: 'Where Are You Now', and 'Marianna Trench & The Truth Hurts' (Blackbird/Atlantic)--both produced by Kevin Bents, also with a fair amount of songwriting.


Boz Scaggs--'Some Change' (Virgin). Did I mention I used to play with Boz? His 1st album on Virgin. Got to play with Booker T on organ, Freddy Tackett from Little Feat, Ricky Fataar and Hutch Hutchinson. Like I done died and gone to heaven.







 Saul Zonana--'Saul Zonana,' 'Guinea Pigs,' '42 Days,' & 'Waves.' I played keyboards on these great records by my friend Saul. Check out his site.




Nicole McKenna--'Nicole McKenna' & 'Stay Awhile'





Spin Doctors-- Various singles--'Miss America', 'Mary Jane' (Radio Remix), 'Woodstock'. Album 'You've Got To Believe In Something' (Epic) Keyboard work.



Phoebe Snow--Produced title track 'Time & Love' on Laura Nyro tribute record--(Astor Place Recordings). Co-wrote song 'How Beautiful' on album 'Natural Wonder' (Eagle Records).



Jake--'Hooked' (Blackbird/Atlantic)--Produced by Kevin Bents




Richard Julian--(Debut album) on Blackbird/Atlantic. Lots of keyboards





David Nichtern--'From Here To Nichternity'. Lots of keyboards.






Henry Lee Summer--'Slamdunk' (Epic)

Defunkt--'Cum Funky' and 'Crisis' (Enemy) I wrote songs for both these albums.

Kelvynator--'Refunkination' (Enemy) and 'Funk It Up' (Blue Heron)

Al McDowell--'Timepeace' (Gramavision)

Terry Jenoure--'Give You This' (JMT)

MG (Melvin Gibbs and DK Dyson from Eye & I)--'Pass Me By' (Rhythm Attak!)

Paula Lockheart--'Voo-it' (Flying Fish) and 'Third Rail Screaming' (Third Rail)

Siren--Debut album on Polygram